Yard Oasis is a full service Hardscape, Landscape, and Lawn Care Service Company.

   Services include...

Landscaping and Hardscaping Design, Instalation, Sales

Industrial and Residential Lawn Care

   Store Sales include...

Bulk Mulch (Black, Red, Brown, Enriched, Bark, Natural, Hemlock, Wood chips), Stone (3/4" red, 3/4" blue, 3/8" red, 3/8" blue, Modified, screenings, Ballast), Topsoil, Mushroom Soil and Concrete Sand

Rinox Pavers, Boulders, Field stone, Block, Polymeric Sand (Tan-Gray) and Geotextile Fabric, Edge Restraint, Spikes, Adhesive

Lawn Supplies...   Grass Seed, Plant food, Fertilizer and Garden Tools

Weed Barrier and Weed Control Supplies

Distributer of RINOX Paver and Wall Systems